In-Home Physical Therapy in Dearborn, Wayne-Oakland and Macomb county

When your mobility is limited by an injury, illness, or health condition, regaining your independence can feel like an impossible feat. Being unable to move around or complete tasks without assistance can seriously inhibit your productivity and affect your mental and physical wellbeing. Fortunately, that is where a physical therapist can help.

A physical therapist is a healthcare provider who assists patients with mobility improvement and pain management. Physical therapy (PT) plays a crucial role in helping someone overcome their pain, recover their physical autonomy, and feel in control of their life once again. For individuals in Dearborn who need help restoring their mobility, Rehabilitation One Home Healthcare can provide in-home physical therapy services that will transform your quality of life.

Physical Therapy Services in Dearborn, Wayne-Oakland and Macomb counties

Finding the right physical therapist for your healthcare team is an important step in the rehabilitation process. PTs can help manage pain and improve mobility issues resulting from all different types of injuries and medical conditions, such as neurological disorders, stroke, arthritis, auto injury, chronic diseases, and more.

At Rehabilitation One Home Healthcare, our physical therapists use medical exercises, as well as proven innovative therapeutic strategies, to help you regain flexibility, mobility, and comfort. Unlike many other home healthcare providers, we also have a Doctor of Physical Therapy on staff, so that we can constantly update our patient’s programs to incorporate the latest modern techniques in mobility rehabilitation.

To make the rehabilitation process as stress-free as possible, our physical therapists will work with you in the comfort of your own home to execute programs based on your individual needs and physician’s recommendations.

Above all else, there are two things we firmly believe here at Rehabilitation One. The first is that everybody has the right to live a full, dignified, and independent life. The second, is that what it takes to achieve that life will be different for every patient. That’s why our in-home physical therapists create a rehabilitation program based on your needs and your physician’s guidance.

This personalized program is designed not only to help you return to optimum function, but also to prevent further loss of mobility. We do this by implementing customized fitness regimens and wellness-oriented programs that promote healthier and more active lifestyles into your care plan. In our 10 years of experience, we have found that this integrated approach is the most sustainable way to improve mobility and quality of life.

Chronic pain and limited mobility don’t have to dominate your life for any longer. Get in touch with the medical professionals at Rehabilitation One Home Healthcare in Dearborn, MI today. We’ll be happy to get you set up with an appointment to discuss your in-home physical therapy and other home healthcare needs!

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